Cultural hotspots in Maastricht

Nearly as old as the Roman empire and with one of the youngest and most international universities in the world Maastricht’s also buzzing with culture and student life.

The Location

It takes no more than 15 minutes by bike from THINK TANK to the different university institutes and medical faculties, spread throughout the city. The nearest bus stop is right outside the front door. Within 200 metres there are several supermarkets and discount shops for daily needs. At the same distance there is a gym and a tennis club. The neighbourhood around THINK TANK is largely characterised by rental apartments and offers quiet surroundings. 

At the same location as the project is the current regional training centre with almost 7,000 trainees. There is plenty of public parking in the neighbourhood. This requires a parking pass, which is issued by the municipality on application for about €43. The slip road onto the A2 motorway is only about 300 metres away.

Varied student life 

From THINK TANK, the centre of Maastricht and the old town can be reached by bike within 5 minutes. The picturesque brick façades of the city hide a lively centre with numerous theatres and museums, restaurants and cafés, squares and parks.

The student associations, which are particularly popular among the Dutch, organise their own events, and innovative formats such as TEDx Maastricht further enrich the city. As a perfect complement to the official degree studies, the university offers numerous fitness courses and sports activities.

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Hotspots in Maastricht

Due to Maastricht’s manageable size, distances are short and all destinations within easy reach. 
The Netherlands is one of the countries with the best cycling infrastructure, and Maastricht is no exception. That makes THINK TANK the perfect starting point.

Het vrijthof

Het Vrijthof is a picturesque square in the heart of the old town of Maastricht, lined with trees and covered with old paving stones. It regularly hosts a large variety of different events. Around the square, there are many café’s and restaurants as well as a theatre and an art museum. 

The two churches in the square are especially impressive. The Protestant Sint Janskerk immediately catches the eye with its bright red tower. The Catholic three-aisled Servatius Basilica is considered the oldest church in the Netherlands.


Maastricht’s history was shaped by a strong military influence until the modern age. As early as in the 3rd century, a first trading post was expanded into a fort by the Romans. In the early 13th century, Maastricht was awarded city rights and the first city wall was built. 

Over time, the walls were reinforced and expanded by new city gates. This was the start of Maastricht’s expansion into a fortress town. Its strategically important location made the city one of the most important garrison towns in northwestern Europe for the next few centuries. Traces of this can still be found today in the form of ancient fortifications.


The Bonnefanten Museum is a museum of fine art on the banks of the Meuse. With its fancy dome, the building – designed by Aldo Rossi, one of the most famous Italian architects of the twentieth century – resembles a work of art that shapes the view of the right side of the Meuse. 

The museum’s collection includes a wide range of early Italian painters, medieval sculptures and international, modern art. Dutch masters like Rubens are also represented.


The river and Maastricht have been inseparable since the founding of the city. Today, at least on the Maastricht section, shipping no longer plays a major role, but the river off ers idyllic views and plenty of recreational activities.

Whether boat cruises, fishing or water sports like canoeing or rafting – the Meuse adds a lot to the city’s unique atmosphere and quality of life.


The district of Wyck is not as well known to tourists as the historic centre, but is all the more exciting for its residents. Next to the Bonnefantenmuseum the Avenue Ceramique begins. The riverside neighbourhood of the same name used to be a major location for the ceramics industry and is now one of the city’s most desired residential areas. In recent years, the neighbourhood has become a hotspot with trendy cafés, shops and restaurants.

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